Impressions of our Clinical Observerships

Dr. Telmo Belsuzarri from Brazil


The Endomin College is an important institution with great values and precepts. Prof. Reisch and Prof. Hopf are always committed with teaching and case discussions, as well as in educate in the Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery method and philosophy.
In order to learn the Endomin Concept in Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery is important to know that the planning of each individual case is one of the pillars and one of the most important steps for tailored surgeries and better outcomes.
Participating in an Fellowship or an Observership gives you the experience to learn and to see how you match technology, microscopic anatomy and endoscopic-assisted surgery together and see each singular case in a different way that it used to be.
Also getting in touch with the endoscope-assisted microsurgery (EAM) and endoscope-controlled microsurgery (ECM) techniques gives you a better understanding of complex and deep lesions, furthermore shows how the endoscope is an important tool to improve outcomes.
During the observership, you can see all neurosurgical fields where MIN can be applied to and see how the ENDOMIN concept works and how it is being implemented from the planning into the surgical room and the post-operative care.

The ENDOMIN courses are exceptional and I had the opportunity to participate in the “New Generation Neuroendoscopy Advanced Hands-on Course”, which is the most complete course available in the field, with theory, practical training, and live surgery, all combined.
Also, Prof. Reisch and Prof. Hopf are formidable and well-known neurosurgeons with incredible skills and fully engaged with teaching.

The experience was unique, and I will visit the ENDOMIN College again. It is highly recommended for neurosurgeons that pursue the state of the art in Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery.

Thank you very much for all help and attention
Dr. Telmo Belsuzarri from Brazil

Dr. Sarang Rote from India

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The ENDOMIN College is a good initiative by Professor Hopf and Professor Reisch. They emphasis on actual teaching of endoscopic and minimally invasive neurosurgery. The motive behind every decision and action is a genuine effort to improve the patient outcome.

For me this training was a great experience, I will visit ENDOMIN College again and also recommend it to young neurosurgeons. Because you should know how to do endoscopic neurosurgeries as you know microscopic; after all its just a new tool. The advantage of attending such a fellowship / observership is that you learn how to use it properly and optimally from very experienced neurosurgeons.

Thank you very much
Dr. Sarang Rote from India