Minimal invasive Neurosurgery (MIN)

Minimal invasive Neurosurgery (MIN) is an integral patient tailored treatment strategy. It does not simply mean to use smaller craniotomies or skin incisions. It includes beside the utilization of keyhole craniotomies also a meticulous and individual planning of the particular surgery as well as application of the latest technology.

MIN approaches are not called keyhole approaches because of the shape or absolute size of the craniotomy. They rather are call that way because of the fact, that one may well oversee all objects distant to a keyhole, even if they are much bigger than the hole itself. In contrast, even small objects very close or direct in front of a keyhole cannot be sufficiently visualized. This implies, that large but deep seated lesions such as skull base tumors or intraventricular pathologies may be perfectly visualized and treated whereas same sized lesions on the surface require openings equaling the size of the lesion itself.