Bianca Weimert

Bianca Weimert was born in VS-Villingen in 1985. In 2004 she began to study International Business Administration and graduated in 2007 with a diploma/BA. After finishing her studies she started working for Aesculap, a division of the B.Braun Melsungen AG, in Tuttingen in the international neurosurgery marketing department.

As Marketing Manager at Aesculap she was responsible for the conception and implementation of new international training courses for neurosurgeons and neurosurgical hospital personnel. Together with the Aesculap Academy she organized almost 50 international neuroendoscopy courses worldwide during that time.

In order to deepen her knowledge and express her passion for the areas of marketing and communication she graduated in two correspondance programs on photography and graphic design and is co-founder of a successful advertising agency.

Since the foundation of the ENDOMIN College GmbH in 2015 Bianca is responsible for the company management. For all participants and fellows she is the main conact person in terms of ENDOMIN-Training and our ENDOMIN-Community.